Meeting You Where You Are

With Trauma-Informed Guidance

Whether you choose the convenience of beginner-friendly online group classes or prefer individualized attention in a private setting, with trauma-informed guidance you can experience and develop an empowering personal practice – delivered through a sensitive lens.

TZ YogaFusion

...mind, body, and soul simply becoming.

Tai Zebley
Trauma-Informed 500-RYT

Martial Artist | Author

Having learned to manage anxiety and chronic pain throughout my journey, I believe in meeting each and every soul right where they are, frequently working with clients whose lives have been seriously impacted by trauma.

As a yoga teacher and martial artist, I’m a huge advocate of both self-care and self-preservation, often reflecting various martial arts movements in some of the fusion classes.

In both the yoga and fusion sessions we use stillness and movement based on ancient wisdom and nurturing self-care practices that help instill deeper mind-body connections. 

I also share healthy recipes @infused.yogi blog for practitioners and students who also happen to be canna-patients, creating a space where they can explore healthy ways to infuse their favorite Ayurvedic recipes!

Unique Classes to Chose From

Yoga . Qigong . Martial Arts . Fitness

The style of teaching I offer ranges from gentle, beginner-friendly yoga and yin yoga, to unique TZ YogaFusion sessions exploring yoga, martial arts fitness, and qigong, in dynamic sequences of energy flow. Here are some of the recurring online classes.

Multi-Class Passes Are Available!

Yoga is for everyone! In the gentle, beginner-friendly yoga class, we enjoy feel-good vibes at an intentionally slower pace to get the body moving and set the mind at ease.

Explore yoga and connect within as we stretch, bend, breathe, twist, and flex our way into better health.

The night owl’s favorite yoga class meant to unwind the mind and body.

With deep focused breaths we stretch and flow as we linger longer in holds and slower transitions with guided breathwork and meditation to soothe us into total relaxation as we melt stress away.

For stillness and release.

In yin, we dive deep into connective tissue, clearing blocked energy pathways and creating space for emotional release, and in restorative, we prop up, settle in, and let gravity do all the hard work!

Better yet, sometimes we do a combination of both.

My Poetry Book

Purging the soul and expressing from the inner child, “When The Willow Weeps” is a short collection of poetry that touches on child abuse, mental illness, and the adult unknowingly desperate for emotional release.

My first poetry book is available at Barnes & Noble, Amazon, Good Reads, Walmart, and other online outlets.